Adoptalawn: Helping Lawns Fallen on Hard Times
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AdoptAlawn is a new and exciting program. AdoptAlawn has been established as an open network to connect quality landscape contractors to homeowners in their local and surrounding areas in need of a little help this upcoming season. As we all know, and have felt, our country is going through hard economic times. This is a time where everyone has felt the effect of a tighter bottom line. AdoptAlawn is here to help. Our goal is to unite fellow landscapers from large to small companies and give back to our communities.

Simply by signing your business up for this program, you will AdoptAlawn for the upcoming season. You will maintain a lawn by being connected with a local homeowner in your area, because the owner can no longer afford the cost of lawn care. The connection is based on the convenience of each company. The relationship between you and the AdoptAlawn member is yours to maintain. Each homeowner that applies shall be qualified by you the landscaper. Each person and relationship is different. So therefore, we ask work be preformed on a "what the homeowner can afford basis." That could change weekly.

What we are striving for is a sense of community and a feeling of pride. We want you to join us and help your elderly and those going through hard financial times.

See just how far a good deed can go!!

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